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    Production of liquid filling machinery and equipment
    Professional manufacturer of supporting facility


    米乐平台官网_m6米乐棋牌|首页_Welcome! is located in the beautiful city-Qingzhou, a manufacturer specialized in liquid filling equipments and supporting facilities.

    At present, Pengcheng is mainly engaged in the sales of the liquid filling complete equipment of white spirit, wine, flavoring and so on, including bottle brushing machine, bottle washing machine, filling machine, cap sealing machine, plug making machine, heat shrinking machine, dryer, conveyor, case sealer, filter and water treatment, etc.


    The company mainly manufactures and sells the complete filling equipment of liquid such as white spirit, wine and condiment etc.

  • Filling series of white spirit, yellow wine and health care wine
  • Filling series of wine and sparkling wine
  • Filling series of condiment
  • Bottle washer series
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    If you're satisfied with our product, please notify your friends. If you aren't satisfied with our product, please notify us.

    Enterprise spirit:
    Career first, integrity based, strong coordination, Winning Through Innovation


    Packaging machinery development momentum or will change
    Insiders pointed out that the technical content of packaging products is reflected in the processing ...

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    Production of liquid filling machinery and equipment , professional manufacturer of supporting facility

    Sealing machine series